Communal dining, The Kawa Table

John Lore of Live Edge Design and Yves St Hilaire of Sticks+Stones  have joined forces to create an exceptional table for the communal dining movement. A perfect fusion of wood, concrete and metal; The Kawa Table.

The word 'Kawa' means river in Japanese.

Solid slabs of Western Maple are parted by a river of concrete and mounted on a thoughtful steel base. Designed for seated diners or standing conversationalists. Friends or strangers will come together and the conversation will flow.


“Sharing a meal is one of the oldest and most meaningful rituals known to human kind. It is the central experience to nearly every celebration and rite of passage...In a world where we increasingly live alone, eat alone and even communicate alone, sometimes it is just comforting to be alone beside another human.”                          John Lore, Owner and President,

Kawa table
Kawa table
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